A Wild Ride

How can you not like a mystery novel in which dead bodies are, literally, falling out of the sky? Jane Rosenthal’s latest novel Del Rio appeared on the top twelve book list for 2021 posted by “frolic.media”. After reading Del Rio, I understood why it was selected for a recommended reading list alongside works by such distinguished writers as Jane Harper and Jhumpa Lahiri. Readers of Del Rio are taken on a wild ride from the central valley of California to a lavish resort in the jungle of Mexico to a posh hotel in San Francisco. The plot unfolds from the point of view of two people: Callie, the Del Rio DA who stumbles upon some very ugly sh$t involving a local elected official, and Nathan, a wrong-place-wrong-time professor who is sucked into the whole sordid mess. The story plays out with surprising and interesting twists and the result is a very satisfying read.

JJ Hoyt Jane Rosenthal June 8, 2021

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