Check Out the Great San Miguel de Allende . . . Writers Conference

Ah, San Miguel! I can’t wait to get back there. By the way, I just had a long talk with an American Expat (40 years now) who has a business there. It’s totally safe, folks. Go, if you can. Just look at these photos.

The fabulous San Miguel Writer’s Conference will be held in February this year. (link) I’m planning to attend if care giving duties permit. (See last week’s posts. Any advice?)

I’m really interested in the author C.M Mayo’s workshop on podcasting for writers. I feel a little like a podcasting pioneer myself. It was scary at first, but once I got the knack it was a lot of fun. A great way to edit. I just read that Stephen King records all his work as an editing tool.

Here’s a little blurb for the workshop at the SMA Writer’s conference 2016


Session #110: Wednesday, February 10th — 3:30 – 5:00

Podcasts not only serve as an important promotional tool for writers, but they can be storytelling vehicles themselves, whether as stand-alone works, a series, or as complements to a text. With recent technological advances, podcasting has become much easier and far cheaper than most writers realize.

This workshop provides an introduction and overview of podcasting for writers, from basic concepts to nuts-and-bolts tips to help you get started podcasting immediately. It includes a one-hour breakout session. You will leave with the know-how to post a simple, unedited podcast online immediately.

So much has changed since I podcasted Palace of the Blue Butterfly. For starters, it has become much easier for the reader to access the podcasts. Used to be you had to burn the podcast on to a cd. Now, you can just download them straight to your iPhone. How easy is that? Just use your earbuds, or your car speaker. Cool.

Anyway, I’ll be working to bring my podcasts up to speed for my readers.

But, back to San Miguel de Allende. Instead of heading for the beach, all you snowbirds, find a great place in San Miguel like where I stay at Casa de Liza, attend the workshop — there are events for readers as well as writers — and immerse yourself in the life, art, culture, architecture of this fabulous town.

Hot tip: Casa de Liza is a short walk from one of the great rooftop bars in the world (picture above). The Luna Tapas Bar at the Rosewood. Check it out. San Miguel is like an Italian hill town with margaritas. So beautiful.

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