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Planning a trip across the border is always exciting, but you’re in for a treat if it’s your first time visiting Mexico. The country is extremely culturally diverse, with widelyREAD MORE

The more you learn about Mexico and its people, the more you realize that there is quite possibly no prouder culture in the world. The citizens of Mexico honor theirREAD MORE

. . . blew apart, I spent a wonderful long weekend with friends in San Miguel de Allende at the lovely Casa de Liza. (see last weeks post) Can’t waitREAD MORE

Ah, San Miguel! I can’t wait to get back there. By the way, I just had a long talk with an American Expat (40 years now) who has a businessREAD MORE

Let’s just say I’ve had a rough year and a half, which is why disappeared from this blog, cancelled trips to Mexico, have been unable to write. I’ve recently beenREAD MORE