A Couple of Years Ago Before My Life . . .

. . . blew apart, I spent a wonderful long weekend with friends in San Miguel de Allende at the lovely Casa de Liza. (see last weeks post) Can’t wait to do it again.

One of the many highlights was shopping at the Fabrica de Aurora Center for Art and Design. I bought some of the most beautiful table linens there in fuschia and teal, colors you could never find in the States, or in Europe for that matter. They just make my antique Talavera pottery look beautiful. It was fitting that I should buy textiles there as Fabrica de Aurora was an old 19th century textile mill. Next time, I go I will be armed with a list of must haves, so I don’t stagger around overwhelmed by all the beautiful abundance.

Last week, I mentioned the Luna Tapas Bar, but San Miguel has no shortage of dining opportunities, all with beautiful rooftops.

La Posadita (below) is one of Rick Bayless’s favorite restaurants in Mexico,

and La Azotea (below) is a perennial favorite.

You also have to check out the great little store called Abrazos Boutique (below). Hopefully, you’ll get to meet the delightful owner Patrice Wynne.

Years ago in another life in Berkeley, Patrice Wynne owned a wonderful independent bookstore called Gaia Books. Every Monday afternoon between four and five, while my daughter had piano lessons, I would hang out in Gaia, reading. And yes, I bought books, too. But in 2000 when independent bookstores were unable to compete with the big chains, Patrice packed up and moved to Mexico where she started a textile design company. The NYT did a great article on Patrice and her store in San Miguel. Women of a certain age take note. It’s totally inspiring on so many levels — a perfect intersection of attention and intention, heart and mind, spirit and social responsibility. Viva Abrazos!

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